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Love Is An Open Door: A Thank You Video

1 Jun

Thank you so much to all the Climb Out of the Darkness sponsors. As promised, my husband and perform Love Is An Open Door from Frozen. Poorly. I am not a trained singer (you’ll have to excuse the lack of costume.  Our recording window was short as were our resources).

PPD and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (postpartum OCD, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, and antenatal depression and anxiety) affect 1 in 7 women yet only 15% seek treatment. Stigma and shame keep new moms from reach out, while under-trained physicians miss the warning signs. Postpartum Progress, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of maternal mood and anxiety disorders. Together, we can drop kick despair.

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She Walks!

13 Dec

This one?  Is fearless.  Such a different little person from her big sister.

Quiet.  Easy-going.  And mobile.

Send wine.

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And then we got drunk and made an infomercial. . .

15 Sep

I feel like I should explain before I publish this video and share it with the internet and my future grandchildren.

Yesterday I went to Target for two things: storage bins and swiffer sweeping cloths.  I came back with kids’ scissors, construction paper, a dress, a clock, and an inflatable moose head.

I couldn’t help myself.  At first when I picked it up from the clearance shelf, I intended only to laugh at the ridiculousness of its existence.  Then I flipped the box over and read the back:

Decorating your home has never been so easy!  Simply inflate your moose head, then hang it up to instantly add character to any room.  Inflated moose head measures 30″H x 29″W x 24″D.  Made from durable vinyl, the moose head comes with a repair patch for any accidents and its own hang tab and string for quick and easy decorating.  Easy, inflatable, fun!  Wooden mount not included.

Since when was inflatable vinyl considered decorating?  I mean, I like a good animal carcass on the wall as much as the next girl, but I like mine good and dead.  Not plastic.  And it sure seems a little large.  But wait.  It comes with a repair patch? For inflatable moose head-related accidents?  Sold.

And then it jumped in my cart, rode home in my car, and sat on the table during dinner while my husband and I finished a bottle of wine.

This video is a result of that bottle of wine. And though I believe I might regret posting this, it’s just too silly not to share.


I Think This Proves I’m Pretty Much the Best Beatboxer Ever

11 Jul

Our Morning…or My First Vlog…or Susan Makes a Fool of Herself

28 Mar

So I had a moment the other day when I realized our morning was pretty great.  Messy and great.  And I wanted to document it.

I have no idea what possessed me to make it into a vlog.  And an embarrassing one at that.  With me in no makeup.  But I sure am glad I’m not alone.  A’Driane’s doing it too.

So Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

To you and yours, whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a wonderful one.

My gift to you.   Video of a ukulele Christmas music parade…or of a toddler being chased and tortured by ukulele music.  You decide.  Either way, the “is Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree a Christmas song?” and the strange little walk at the end of the video get me every time.  I am a very lucky wife and mother.

35 Weeks

2 Dec

Only a few more weeks to go.  I have so many blog posts rumbling around in my head…about how hard it is to accept help, about how I keep from yelling at my ever-more-frustrating threenager, and about how much I love this little girl who is about to join our family.

But alas, I’m spending my free time sleeping these days.  I forgot how hard the last few weeks of pregnancy are and my hat is off (once again) to pregnant women everywhere.

I’m done.  So very pregnant and uncomfortable.  So ready to be full-term and for a little girl who will hopefully come just a smidge before Christmas.  I’m nervous about all the big changes about to rock our family.  But I’m also really good – calm, prepared, letting go of my need to have everything perfect, and feeling *normal*.  Any mom who has suffered with PPD, antenatal depression, or anxiety will understand how valuable normal is.  It’s a beautiful thing.

So I’m trying to soak up these last few weeks – because this will be our last baby – and I will miss moments like this:

Sweatpant Crotch

20 Sep

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this video of Baby Girl moving and grooving.


I must have watched it a dozen times.  Each time, I marveled at her kicks…until the last view, when I realized I had just posted a 42 second video of my crotch in sweatpants.  Admit it.  You can’t even focus on the baby kicking anymore.  Um…yeah.

A’Driane and I were chatting one night and cracked up over my realization.  I think all of my belly pics have been in pajamas, and now the video of sweatpant crotch.  And you know what?  I’m totally okay with it.  I’m rockin’ those sweats, baby.

I spend time almost every morning blowing my hair dry and putting on makeup.  I feel great on the days when I get dressed and look nice.  I might even feel pretty.  But other days, those sweats are the only thing I can bear to pull on.  So soft.  So warm.  So comfortable.  So….real.  Nobody spends all their time looking as put-together as we do in our About Me photos.  You know you have a pair of sweats that make you feel all warm and cozy inside.  Let’s all agree to be a little less formal with each other and get comfortable.

These puppies? I stole from my college boyfriend...who happens to be my husband. In over 10 years, he's never gotten them back. That's how comfortable they are.

I dare you to post a pic of you in your favorite sweats. Blog it, tweet it, facebook it, whatever. It’s time we get real with each other, folks. You’ll feel so much better letting it all hang out.

Oh – and head on over to A’Driane’s place at Butterfly Confessions.  She’s rockin’ the sweatpant crotch today, too!

It’s Official: This Is For Real

13 Sep

Lately I’ve been grappling with baby names.  For the life of me, I can’t seem to find a name that fits (and that hubby hasn’t vetoed).  Honestly?  I kind of hate naming babies.  It’s torture for a perfectionist to choose something so permanent, not even knowing who the little person will be.  Deep down I know it’s not that big of a deal.  It is just a name.  I’ve done it before, and it worked out well.  We love DoodleBug’s name.  Still, I’m struggling.

Family names?  Mildred.  Boyer.  Lois.  All too old-fashioned.  I mean, I’m a traditional-kind-of-name girl, but those are just a little too…stuffy.

And then there are the names that past students have ruined forever.  Amber.  Alyssa.  Natalie.  Those names will forever belong to those girls…and not in a good way.

It’s a complex process for me.

The little therapist who lives in my head (Anybody else a member of this little club?  I believe membership is free after you’ve been to actual therapy.) says that even if I found “THE” name, I still wouldn’t be able to commit.  I suppose she’s right.  Once we pick a name, it all becomes a little more real.  Somehow, even with the baby paraphernalia blanketing the house and Baby Girl kicking inside my ever-growing stomach, I manage to  live in denial about the change that is coming.  My girlfriends with two kids tell me it’s a familiar feeling – you are so busy with life, the second pregnancy ninja-sneaks by you, until BAM!  You’re holding a newborn in your arms and repeating the words “gentle, please” so often they have lost their meaning.

Am I ready for this to be real?  I suppose I don’t have much of a choice, seeing as Baby Girl is doing this:


The reality is that avoiding naming her isn’t keeping her from existing.  I so want her to exist, but I’m terrified at the same time.  So, I’m gonna take a deep breath, accept that this is scary and new (and that’s okay), and pick a name.  I can do this.

p.s.  How hot are the sweatpants?  I mean, really.  My belly pics just keep getting sexier and sexier.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

23 Aug

This is why I love him.

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