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Kitty Cuddle Time

17 Apr

Need a little happy today? You can borrow Marble, my 11-year-old Tabby. She’s got your happy right here.

“Do You Wanna Build a Snowmaaaaan” Cover: by my 2-year-old

4 Apr

You guys.  The toddler who wouldn’t talk suddenly has a huge vocabulary.  And thanks to a few dozen viewings of Frozen, she SINGS.  Sings.

Wait for it – it’s worth every second.  The way she leans into the door to muffle her voice like Anna?  And when she touches the door before singing “okay, byeeeeee….”  I just couldn’t love this kid anymore.

p.s.  The husband and I will perform Love Is An Open Door when my Climb Out of the Darkness fundraiser hits $400.  I am not a singer.  That’s how epic it will be.



Making Paper Bells

23 Dec

Bell ImageI’m still so, so sick, but the girls and I are bringing you a simple holiday craft: Cut paper bells.  The lovlies are delicate and will leave your holidays guests wondering how you made them.  But I promise, they are so, SO easy!




Supplies Needed:  White copy paper, Scissors, String (for hanging), pencil (optional)

Origami Diagram Paper Bell1. Fold the paper and cut off the extra as shown to make a square with your paper. You can leave your paper folded for the next step.
2. Fold your triangle in half and then in half again.
3. Holding the triangle at the bottom tip, plan (or draw on) your lines.
4. Cut almost all the way across the triangle, alternating sides, beginning at the hypotenuse and ending before the inside tip.
5. Carefully unfold until flat.
6. Trim the middle of the square to give yourself a flap to hold onto.
7. Hold middle flap and gently tug down on outside corners to stretch out the bell.
8. Hang and enjoy!


You Can Count On Me

17 Apr

This is just a quick song for my friend Jaime, who reached out and let herself be vulnerable in a moment of need.  I’m glad we have each other.  So glad.

Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

We are very fortunate that the hurricane has brought only power loss and a bit of rain our way. I take comfort in the fact that our house is up on a hill, in an elevated area of town. Still, severe weather is a huge trigger for my anxiety.

This is how my husband is helping battle it. Forgive me if the YouTube like doesn’t play in this window. I’m blogging from my phone.

Hoping you are staying safe if you’re in Sandy’s path.

Why I’m (Sometimes) Glad I Stay at Home

8 Oct

Staying home is hard.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not starting any mommy wars here.  Mommy wars shouldn’t even be a thing, because obviously the children starting the whole thing.

“My mom won’t let me eat ice cream for dinner.”

“What?! Not cool.”

“I know!  Let’s pit them against each other.  They’ll be so busy fighting about who has it worse, they won’t have enough energy to argue with us about anything.”

So let’s all agree that we all have it the worst.  Every situation has its benefits and its drawbacks.  And no matter what your situation, I think we all have moments when we wonder if we’ve made the right decision for ourselves and our families.  I know lately I’ve felt overwhelmed by being at home at my children’s every beck and call.

And then this happens and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to stay home and not miss a moment.  Remind me of this post in a week when I’m fed up.  Again.

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