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Hurricane Sandy

29 Oct

We are very fortunate that the hurricane has brought only power loss and a bit of rain our way. I take comfort in the fact that our house is up on a hill, in an elevated area of town. Still, severe weather is a huge trigger for my anxiety.

This is how my husband is helping battle it. Forgive me if the YouTube like doesn’t play in this window. I’m blogging from my phone.

Hoping you are staying safe if you’re in Sandy’s path.

Merry Christmas

25 Dec

To you and yours, whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it is a wonderful one.

My gift to you.   Video of a ukulele Christmas music parade…or of a toddler being chased and tortured by ukulele music.  You decide.  Either way, the “is Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree a Christmas song?” and the strange little walk at the end of the video get me every time.  I am a very lucky wife and mother.

Almost Wordless Wednesday

23 Aug

This is why I love him.

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