Anxiety and Depression

If you are struggling with Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, or any other mental illness, you are not alone.

I need information:

Postpartum Progress – Katherine Stone’s blog is the most widely-read blog on postpartum mood disorders.  She and her blog saved my life and still give me hope daily.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety in Plain Mama English on Postpartum Progress 

Isis Maternity Webinar – This recorded webinar with PowerPoint slides is presented by Isis Maternity and includes Katherine Stone and Dr. Marlene Freeman (a perinatal psychiatrist at MGH).  Enter your name and email on the login screen to gain access to the recording.

Mother To Baby – Depression and Pregnancy.  A fact sheet about depression in pregnancy, treatment options, and the impact of untreated mental illness on mother and baby.

MotherWoman – This page has a collection of resources documents from the Massachusetts-based organization, including information on legislation relating to maternal mood and anxiety disorders.

MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health – Tons of information and links to appointments in the Boston area.


I need hope:

Back in the World Again – I am honored to be included in this video, with David Gray’s new song Back in the World Again.  If you need hope, this is it. Mamas from all over the world showing that they have risen above and climbed out of their darkness.  You can, too.

Postpartum Progress Mother’s Day Rally for Mental Health

Warrior Mom Photo Album – The Warrior Moms Photo Album is the first and only of its kind to feature the faces of survivors of postpartum depression and related illnesses.  These 200+ Warrior Moms have bravely shared their photos to combat the negative media images and stigmatizing stereotypes of postpartum depression, and to help other mothers see that they too can recover.

I need to talk:

Postpartum Progress Patient Portal – a closed, private, and secure discussion board run by Katherine Stone.  More information and details on how to sign up by following the link.

Postpartum Support International – Click here for a volunteer coordinator in your state who can connect you to resources and help local to you.

#ppdchat on Twitter – The kindest, most understanding and supportive women you’ve never met.  These girls have saved my life.  Someone’s always watching the hashtag.  If you need to talk, this is the place to go.

PPD Blogs:

James and Jax

Finding Walden

Through the Tunnel 

Farewell Stranger

Butterfly Confessions

My Postpartum Voice 

PPD to Joy 

Good Girl Gone Redneck

Do Not Faint

Really? I’m a Mom?

Vain Mommy

Giggles and Grimaces

A Chronoligical (and Ridiculously Long) List of PPD Posts here on Learned Happiness:

Learned Happiness – My original piece on how my depression created a cycle of learned helplessness and how I hope to break that cycle with this blog.
Therapy – A post about how my attitude toward therapy changed during my treatment and why I believe it’s so important.
Lows – Two steps forward and one step back.  Despite healing after my first bout with PPD, I found the lows returning and challenged them with all the self-care and depression tools I had.
Health Activists Writer’s Monthly Challenge – The WEGO Health HAWMC post about what my anxiety is and feels like.
Because I Can – Why I write about mental health.
Mother’s Day Rally – The first time Katherine invited me to write for Postpartum Progress and I went all fangirl and freaked out.  You must read all the Mother’s Day Rally for Mental Health Letters to New Moms.  They are inspiring.
Antental Depression Part One – I was seven weeks pregnant with Bean when I began having intrusive thoughts and felt my world collapsing around me.
Antental Depression Part Two – Thank you to Postpartum Progress, the Mother’s Day Rally Letters, and Marlene Freeman at MGH.  This is where my life began to truly turn around.
Rainy Day Letter – Yael Saar was kind enough to host me at PPD To Joy.  This is part of her Rainy Day Letter series.  The other letters?  Worth sitting down with.  Bring some kleenex.
A Rough Couple of Weeks – On increasing medication mid-pregnancy and all the feelings that come with it.
Dog Tired – On my pregnancy progress.  Evidence that with the right medication and therapy, a second pregnancy can be joyful.
Invisible Wounds – Anxiety and depression are “invisible” to the outside world, but they are very real illnesses.
Ready – Feeling ready for the second baby, prepared for possible PPD, and supported by my IRL and online army.
Warning Signs – A post informing my friends and family what to look for after my second baby was born, written just before her arrival.  My PPD went unnoticed the first time around.  I believe the key to my health the second time around was being upfront and honest with my support network about what to look for and how to help me.
Happy Birthday – The joyful arrival of Bean.
Expectations – How lowering my expectations postpartum helped me stay mentally healthy after my second baby was born.
Panic Attack – The panic attack nine weeks postpartum that had me waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Time Capsule – A HAWMC prompt post about what would be in my PPD time capsule.
When We Know Better… – A HAWMC prompt with my favorite quote.  How does knowing better the second time around translate into a better postpartum experience?
Self Care – Another HAWMC prompt about why I write about mental health.  Hint:  It’s mostly for me.
Persistence – My favorite post of all time.  Inspired by a tree.  Yes, a tree.
Haiku – I wrote terrible haikus about mental health.  Seriously terrible.  But the links to Sweetly Voiced’s diabetes haikus are worth the click!
Tweet, tweet. Boom. – One silly conversation with my husband.  That’s all it took to tell me I was really on the way to being well.
Mother’s Day – “To love her more than I feared her.”  That Mother’s Day I had all I really wanted.
Anything – Five months postpartum, the anxiety and obesessive thoughts returned.
PPD, the Second Time Around – On feeling hopeful and full of joy despite the return of my postpartum anxiety.
Giving Up Control – Why does everything mental health-related for me end up being about my childhood?  On seeking out a reason for my anxiety and how that helped me put it in its place.
PPD and Marriage – PPD rocked my marriage.  Hard.  My husband was hurt just as I was.
I Need Your Help – My post for Strong Start Day 2012 in which I admit to intrusive thoughts about falling down the stairs.
When Birthdays Aren’t So Happy – Dealing with the joy of my oldest daughter’s 4th birthday and the trauma of the anniversary of my PPD onset.
Breastfeeding on Psychotropic Medication – Why I choose to breastfeed while medicated for depression and anxiety, with special care to support women no matter how they feed their babies.
Not For Weak Stomachs – A horrid month of health issues, which I dealt with without any mental health complications.  This was a huge week for me, realizing that my mental illness was well-controlled enough to allow me to deal with crises calmly.  Also?  I was carried down the stairs by a team of firemen while wearing only my underwear.  Good times.
So You Think I Shouldn’t Have Had Children – My response to Anderson Cooper’s piece about the “trend” of mothers taking antidepressants and the horrid FB comments on his fan page in response to the story.
Don’t Call Them “Happy Pills” – On medication and stigma and a primer on how my antidepressant and anti-anxiety pills work.
I Am Not Okay (But I Will Be) – My low days and irritability may periodically return, but armed with therapy, medication, and support, they are short-lived.
Talking Climb Out of the Darkness With My Daughter – Doodlebug and I made a video about postpartum depression and why we were hiking in 2013.
A Tale of Five Medications (Or Don’t Lose Hope) – All about my medication journey, why it is so hard to find the right medication formula and how stigma kept me from being treated for much too long.
Every Mother. Every Time. – An essay on why mandatory screening for pregnant and new mothers is so important, and how my OB failed me during my first pregnancy.
Letting Go of the Guilt – The lasting effects of PPD.  Shame and guilt.  How these continue to shape my story and how I’m learning to thrive despite them.
I’m Back – In which I stand in a public area for 3 hours and advertise my history with PPD.  Courage?  Definitely not optional.
First and Last: Happy Anniversary Postpartum Progress – a look at my journey from newly diagnosed PPD sufferer to survivor and advocate, with a thank you to Katherine Stone.

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