On A Budget, Week 3: Meal Planning and Coupons

11 Mar

My goal this week was to fit in some new recipes while stretching the foods I knew we already had in the pantry and fridge.  Honestly?  My fridge and pantry are hot messes.  The best thing I can say for my pantry is that there is nothing growing in it – my fridge, on the other hand, is a science experiment gone awry.  I’m too sick this week to tackle it, though, so as I pushed past what used to be sour cream, I made note of what was still hanging out, waiting to be eaten.

In the freezer, we had spaghetti sauce from a couple of weeks ago, along with some mexican-flavored shredded chicken.  I also knew we had some burger buns that were gathering ice crystals (I just knock those buggers off and warm ’em up in the oven…unless they are too far gone and even the bread has crystalized).

This week, our menu is:

  • Monday: Stove-top “grilled” burgers, oven-baked fries, and steamed frozen veggies
  • Tuesday: Whole wheat thin spaghetti with meat sauce (left over in the freezer)
  • Wednesday: My mom cooks up at her house and sit back and drink wine.  Bliss.
  • Thursday: Enchiladas with the leftover shredded chicken.  This was a hit last week.  Not really healthy, I suppose but at least the chicken was free-range organic? (let me have my delusions, please)
  • Friday: Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken.  I know we have some boxes of couscous in the pantry to go with this.
  • Saturday: Pizza night.  I’ll be saving up some calories for this, folks.  I can pack away 4-5 pieces.

Whole Foods Coupons

Last week, Amiyrah and I talked about couponing.  She has found it’s not worth her time and I have to agree.  Most of the Sunday paper coupons are for processed food or H&B products, not really my jam.  But I do print off the Whole Deal coupons each week from the Whole Foods website each week.  This week, I saved $3 with three coupons!  Worth the time.

Budget Week 3

This Week’s Spend:

  • Whole Foods: $69.89.  But I timed the shopping trip poorly and had to buy both kids a hot lunch to eat in the store’s food court.  Easily $15 of my cost.  So let’s subtract that from the “eating out” budget and count only the groceries:  $54.89.
  • Stop and Shop Curbside Pickup: $42.81.  See that $3.00 in parentheses?  Because I hit up S&S each week, I made VIP status.  I know, you’re impressed.  For my “queen of the grocery store” award, I got to pick one free gift.  It was spaghetti sauce.  For $3.00.  Store brand.  Yay.
  • Total Cost: $97.70.
  • Total Savings vs. my original weekly bill of $140: $42.30.  So far, that’s $110 since beginning the budget project!


2 Responses to “On A Budget, Week 3: Meal Planning and Coupons”

  1. Jaime March 12, 2014 at 8:10 am #

    I love seeing what people spend per week on their groceries. I budget for $150 for the 3 of us, but I usually spend $125. If I get it closer to $110, I’m a very happy momma. I have never been able to find time for couponing, and like you mentioned, I rarely find coupons I would use for all the weird (healthy) stuff I eat! I wish there were coupons for produce! That’s where I could use some help saving money.

    • learnedhappiness March 13, 2014 at 8:19 pm #

      I found a coupon today that was A free dozen eggs if you buy two avocados + a bottle of Cholula sauce. Yes, please!

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