On A Budget, Week 2: Lessons in Frugality

4 Mar

Well, we are on week two of grocery shopping and I’m pleased with how a few small changes are affecting our budget.  Especially considering the money I dropped in a boutique up by Loon last weekend (oops).

I decided to go back to the Stop and Shop curbside pickup this week.  The savings compared to shopping in person in Market Basket just weren’t worth my time.  You can see the comparison by clicking here.

I started by checking the Whole Foods website for coupons, sales, and their weekly special circular.  I noted any items that I wanted to add to the list for meal planning, and made my meals from there.  Because I made extra spaghetti sauce, spicy shredded chicken, and vegetarian chili last week, I had three meals already complete and in my freezer.

  • Monday: Soup and Sandwiches – Prepackaged fresh soup was on sale at WF this week.
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti with meat sauce  – leftovers from last week in freezer
  • Wednesday: I spend the night in NH and my mom cooks dinner.  WINNING.
  • Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas – chicken filling from last week wrapped in tortillas and smothered in sauce and cheese.
  • Friday: Veggie Chili and Quesadillas – leftover chili from last week
  • Saturday: Our Anniversary – Going OUT!
  • Sunday: Hamburgers or Sloppy Joes – buns in the freezer, meat on sale at WF, frozen veggies, and sweet potato fries

As a special treat this week, Amiyrah from Four Hats and Frugal was kind enough to visit with me and give me some pointers for keeping our food budget low but our meal quality high. I won’t give away all her secrets.  You’ll have to visit her wonderful blog for that, but I’m excited to try some of the things she suggested:

  1. Budget the impulse buys.  If I know I’m going to want a vegan scone and a coffee with almond milk, put it into the budget.
  2. Don’t be afraid to overspend one week to stock up.  Chances are, the next week, you’ll find your costs lower and it all evens out.
  3. Plan themed meal nights.  It makes it fun, adds to the meal variety, and can help you stock up.

So, how’d I do this week?

Grocery Collage

  • Whole Foods: $60.17
  • Stop and Shop Curbside Pickup: $21.24
  • Total Spent: $81.41
  • Anticipated Additional Shopping this week: $15
  • Savings compared to $140 original bill: $44
  • Total savings On a Budget so far: $68

I have a few things to get later this week, including an anniversary dessert and apples (which S&S ran out of after I ordered them), so I expect another $15 before Friday, but even $96 is a marked improvement!

Tell me.  What is your favorite trick for planning meals and keeping costs low?

2 Responses to “On A Budget, Week 2: Lessons in Frugality”

  1. BipolarMomLife March 10, 2014 at 8:39 am #

    I’m taking notes from this series – you’re doing great. I am learning!

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