Anatomy of a Weekend

1 Feb

I am an introvert.  Not in the sense that I don’t like people – I do – but spending time with people requires a proportional amount of time to myself each day to refuel.  Which makes parenting hard, because tiny people all. the. time.

I tend to dread weekends like this one, wondering come Friday why I signed myself up for so much.  It’s precisely why the kids aren’t signed up for weekend activities like soccer or underwater basket weaving.  I didn’t mean for the weekend to get so full, but here we are.  As the week transitioned over into the weekend at some point Friday evening (maybe 6pm?), I took a deep breath.

Friday: Make crockpot chicken, do laundry, pick up house to give husband a fighting chance.

Friday Night: Leave husband in charge of dinner, bath, and bedtime to go have dinner and shopping with my oldest and dearest friend.  Dress shop until the mall closes and see myself through her eyes again.  Come home late to a quiet house and party with the husband until 11:30pm.  Vow not to stay up that late again for a while because apparently in your 30’s you lose all sense of “late.”

Saturday Morning: Awaken to sounds of the preschooler clogging the toilet and trying to fix it herself by flushing it more.  There is no snooze button for “clogged toilet.”  Ask said toilet paper addict to hop in the shower and spend the next 15 minutes arguing.  Shower oldest daughter, then spend 10 minutes arguing with her about blow-drying her hair while convincing toddler to change out of her smelly overnight diaper.  Nurse toddler.  Eventually come downstairs and curse husband as he calls dibs on the coffee maker with his full-caffiene-beverage-making.  Feed children breakfast while prepping the chicken bones for stock and veggies for the day’s pot roast.  Kiss husband and preschooler goodbye as they head out to a party.  Make toddler a couch cushion trampoline and then fort.  Three hours after waking up, finally make a pot of decaf and fry an egg with some toast.  Sit down to eat and write a rambly blog post.

S reading

I still have a house to pick up as we have friends coming over for the afternoon and dinner tonight.  Yoga must happen today and I’d love 15 minutes on the elliptical.  Plus a shower and blow-dry.

Sunday is Listen To Your Mother audition day and I’m secretly hoping Casey and I can have a cup of coffee (or a shot of something stronger) before.

But what I’m struck by (and the reason I’m writing this post today) is that when I push the whole picture into the recesses of my mind and focus only on the next few hours, everything falls into place.  The weekend is full, and I know I will need Monday to recover (don’t mind me, I’ll just be home that day in my pajamas ignoring society), but it’s full of people we love and wonderful memory-making.  I’m choosing to push myself out of my comfort zone and enjoy it.

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