Making Paper Bells

23 Dec

Bell ImageI’m still so, so sick, but the girls and I are bringing you a simple holiday craft: Cut paper bells.  The lovlies are delicate and will leave your holidays guests wondering how you made them.  But I promise, they are so, SO easy!




Supplies Needed:  White copy paper, Scissors, String (for hanging), pencil (optional)

Origami Diagram Paper Bell1. Fold the paper and cut off the extra as shown to make a square with your paper. You can leave your paper folded for the next step.
2. Fold your triangle in half and then in half again.
3. Holding the triangle at the bottom tip, plan (or draw on) your lines.
4. Cut almost all the way across the triangle, alternating sides, beginning at the hypotenuse and ending before the inside tip.
5. Carefully unfold until flat.
6. Trim the middle of the square to give yourself a flap to hold onto.
7. Hold middle flap and gently tug down on outside corners to stretch out the bell.
8. Hang and enjoy!


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