I’m Doing It Right

6 Feb

Thank you to my friend Story over at Sometimes It’s Hard for giving me a little nudge and allowing myself to feel like I can write without polishing.  A list it shall be.

I’m linking up with Jaime at James and Jax to celebrate the things I’m doing right, which I so desperately need to stop and examine because the last few weeks have been exhausting.  It seems I am not to get a break this winter and instead each member of the family is going to contract every possible germ in the area.  Thankfully, the baby’s double ear infection is clearing up and I think (knocks on wood) we’re all on the mend.

So what have I done right lately?  When I stop being so hard on myself, quite a bit as it turns out.

  1. When faced with a baby who screamed from 8pm to 4am last Wednesday night, I stayed calm, asked for help, and did whatever I could to make the baby comfortable.  She finally crashed, laying her body across me, and there was a moment of sweetness in being her home.
  2. Instead of losing my mind when my plans to shop at Target (for the dish detergent we desperately needed) fell apart, I just texted my mom for some help.  I asked for a few Cascade pods to get me through a couple of days.  She showed up with two big boxes.
  3. Every time the preschooler or the toddler have pushed my buttons today, I stopped and took a breath before speaking or opening a door.  I needed that breath and I’m glad I remembered it.

So that’s it.  Because it’s late and I’m sure the baby will need me tonight.  What are you doing right these days?


2 Responses to “I’m Doing It Right”

  1. story3girl February 7, 2013 at 7:37 am #

    And you wrote at the end of a crappy day. And when you do that, you have no idea who you’ll inspire and what difference you’ll make.

    But even if you hadn’t, this is Enough. This is more than enough. You are doing a great job. The patience and the grace is so hard especially on no sleep. You are amazing. Truly.

  2. jamesandjax February 7, 2013 at 9:19 am #

    That’s a whole lot of success in one post, and I am celebrating with you! You have been a role model to me in many ways over the past few years we’ve known each other. For starters, asking for help and staying calm (fighting the urge to simply react) are things that are incredibly difficult for me on tough days. You are an inspiration, momma.

    Thank you so much for linking up.

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