On Search Terms

13 Sep

ImageI see your search terms, googler.  One day you search for “sweatpants” and another for “nursery with queen bed.”  I question your judgement (and my writing) when you search for “doodle up girls a@$hole.”

And then today, you searched for “why am i having intrusive thoughts baby is 7 months old” and my heart hurt for you.  I’m glad you’re searching for answers and reaching out, even if only online.  I’m honored that you landed at Learned Happiness.  And I hope what you found here helped.  I hope it let you know you’re not alone.  You do not have to suffer.  Tell your doctor, your partner, your friend.  You deserve to be happy and healthy.

And should you return, I’ll be here.  Still sharing about mental health.  And pandas.  And Oreos.

One Response to “On Search Terms”

  1. story3girl September 13, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    Love this. I just checked my search terms, and all people are searching for is the name of my blog, and “fruit solutions 18 months” … so maybe I’m not helping as much as I hoped. Keep writing about this, mama. And the pandas too.

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