Panda Cam

20 Aug

Panda Cam

Have you seen the new baby panda at the San Diego Zoo? It was born July 29th and they’re not even sure of the gender yet because the mother won’t leave it for more than a couple of minutes a day. She spends all her time in the den snuggling it in her arms, keeping her razor-sharp claws safely away from her blind baby. Seeing as I am up at odd hours of the night, I’ve managed to catch some great screen shots on my phone. This is my favorite.

I know it’s silly, but I feel a kinship with this mother who has given up everything for the time being…who has mastered the art of living in the moment and who knows that all she has to do is be her baby’s environment. When I’m up nursing No2 late at night, I sometimes watch Bai Yun and feel a little less alone.

Clicking on the photo should take you to the Panda Cam live feed, but the San Diego Zoo iPhone app has the camera, too!

One Response to “Panda Cam”

  1. Kristin Novotny (@littlemamajama) August 20, 2012 at 9:05 pm #

    That’s an awesome pic!

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