The Nursery Tour

23 Apr

Truthfully, it’s been a rough few weeks here, logistically and mentally.

No2 is almost 4 months old and still screamy at times with no real clues as to what is going on.  She prefers to eat at night, which leaves me sleep deprived and then frantic all day when she refuses to eat.  But she’s gaining weight, is right on track for where a 6 pound, 7 ounce newborn should be at four months, and is developing beautifully.  Her smiles are given freely, she laughs at her big sister, and tonight she screamed in joy and then giggled at herself just to hear her own voice.

No1 starts preschool tomorrow.  She’s going to LOVE it.  Although I *know* she loves her baby sister, she’s had about as much as she can stand of the all-baby-all-the-time routine around here.  Giving her a place of her own where she can explore with kids her age just feels right at this point in time.  She’s so very excited.  And I need a few hours sans 3-year-old each week.  3 1/2 is tough, y’all.  Amazing but completely consuming.  By 8pm when both kids are down, it’s the preschooler who has worn me out to the point I can barely lift myself from the couch to get the sleeve of Oreros I started earlier in the day.

But the last few days, I got to craft.  I feel more myself tonight having wielded both a seam ripper and hot glue gun today.  And finally, the nursery is complete!

Please forgive the terrible photos.  While I may rock a sewing machine, photography is not my thing.

The view from the door. Queen bed for whoever is on duty at night. This room also doubles as our guest room.

Changing table and rocking chair. Note the bag-o-dirty-diaper hanging on the table. Keepin' it real, people. Keepin' it real. See those curtains? They roll completely down and are backed with black-out lining. My mom rocked the curtain project.

Ribbon and birds mobile over the changing table.

Framed felt placemats made for beautiful art above the bed.

The same felt placemat creates a custom throw pillow for the bed or rocking chair.

The baby's crib. Complete with tree decal. So pretty.


I promise to update this post with information on where everything was purchased.  For now, a soft, warm bed is calling my name.  I think I’ve earned a nap.

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