6 Apr

Prompt: Write a haiku about your health focus. 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables. Write as many as you like.

Oh, boy.  This reminds me of my fourth grade writer’s workshop poetry unit.  Feels like an assignment, but maybe that’s just the exhaustion talking.  I did take two kids to the Boston Children’s Museum today, nurse my baby only to have a father turn his child away from the area I was in because *gasp* there was a boob behind the baby’s head (and the blanket).  And then I napped and bathed both kids, fed them, and had them in bed on my own by the time my husband arrived home at 8pm.

But you know what?  I did it.  All of it.  And that’s worth celebrating with some terrible poetry!

I’ll send you over to Melissa at Sweetly Voiced.  She’s the real poet.  Here’s her post from last year’s HAWMC.  I’m sure she’ll have something equally clever and unique this year.

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