Meal Plan September 26th -October 2nd

25 Sep

Back on the ol’ Tumblr blog, I attempted a weekly meal plan and grocery list post.  It got to be so much of a chore that I was avoiding making grocery lists at all…so I quit to focus on writing only when I really felt like I had something to process.  For no good reason, I got inspired tonight to meal plan here.  We’ll see if it sticks this time.

Staying organized is a huge part of my plan for staying healthy – physically and mentally. Each week, I make a meal plan and shop accordingly.  In a good week, I only have to go once to the store, and I can shop with the toddler in about an hour. Not too shabby.  Lately, our dinners have been a little less home-cooked and more “ease oriented”.  Like the euphemism for microwavable/premade? Me too. But now that fall’s here, I’m craving some good food – food that makes you feel better inside and out.  Perhaps this will only last a few weeks before I’m too tired and big to do anything except call for a sandwich from the couch…but in the meantime, I’d like to try to get back really cooking, and posting my meal plans here.  Also?  I need to test recipes to see what freezes well, because part of my postpartum care plan includes a deep freezer full of meals ready to bake or warm up.  So if you have a favorite meal that freezes well, PLEASE send it my way!!!  I’ll let you know how the freeze-and-reheat experiments go!

This week:
Monday – Cheese Pizza and Steamed Veggies: I’m sick, DB’s sick.  It’ll be an easy night, folks.

TuesdaySlow Cooker Chicken Curry  with Rice: will cut back slightly on the coconut and add some frozen green peas right before serving.  (Egg and Cheese Tortilla Wrap with Apple Slices for the toddler)

Wednesday – Dinner at my mom’s house.  We spend the night on Wednesdays and I don’t have to worry about dinner.  It’s. Awesome.

Thursday – Leftover Chicken Curry (Chicken Nuggets and Steamed Veggies  for DoodleBug)

Friday – Salmon with Curried Squash Hash

Saturday – Grilled Chicken Breast on Salad: Thanks to Tasty Eats at Home for the idea! (DoodleBug will eat some chicken pieces and assorted salad bits, maybe a dish of applesauce and some bread)

Sunday – “Leftover Chicken or Pork ” Quesadillas, with Whole Grain Santa Fe Rice

One Response to “Meal Plan September 26th -October 2nd”

  1. Alta September 27, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Thanks for linking to my recipes. And I love grilled chicken on salad cause for me, it’s a no-think dinner. I know how to cut up salad stuff and grill a chicken breast. No recipe reading and I could do it in my sleep. Those types of meals are a necessity, especially when you’re trying to keep away from those pre-made meals but don’t feel like doing anything difficult. As for freezer stuff, I’m all about soups and stews. How about Tomatillo Turkey Chili? You could do this with chicken too. And hope you and DB are feeling better!

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