Preparing for Round Two

28 Aug

p.s. how hot is the pajama and white sock combo?

I am 22 weeks pregnant.  No, I’m not having twins, I swear.  I make the ultrasound techs check every. single. time.

During the last pregnancy, by 30 weeks, I was pretty much useless.  Between the back strain, the giant non-functioning kidney (a story all its own), and general pregnancy complaints, I could barely walk a 1/4 mile and needed multiple naps every day.  This time I know I won’t have the luxury of those naps, since DoodleBug has reached the magical age of 3 (or almost 3), where children realize they don’t actually have to do what you say and they lack the judgement skills necessary to keep themselves alive.

So that means the to-do list I waited to complete until 8 months in last time?  Needs to be started now.  Christmas shopping.  Painting the nursery (or rather, decorating DB’s new big girl room so the baby can have the nursery).  Meal Planning.  Shopping for baby supplies.  (Yes, honey.  I said shopping for baby supplies.  Please don’t go hiding the credit cards.  I have the Amex number memorized, anyway.)

We have so much left over from DB…and much more given to us or lent by friends and family who have small children.  Clothes, high chair, swing, bouncy seat, high chair, blankets…all set.  In fact, the growing pile in my living room is honestly a little intimidating.  And yet, I know I’m missing something, just because although I am an expert parent of one, I have NO IDEA how to be a parent of two.  I know I’ll figure it out along the way…really, I do.  But in the meantime, I’m turning to you, internet, to point me in the right direction.

What is your best newborn essential?  Your best bet for keeping sane with a toddler and a newborn rivaling for your attention?  What couldn’t you live without the second time around?

6 Responses to “Preparing for Round Two”

  1. elise August 28, 2011 at 9:52 pm #

    first, two was way easier for me than one… i don’t know why (ps three was hard, but i think that was more his personality than anything else!), but i’ve heard a lot of other moms say that too, so hopefully it will be a smooth transition for you too!

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby beco. it works great for a baby carrier (a little pricy, but i got mine on ebay relatively cheap) it’s better for me than other carriers or slings because it’s got great lower back support (i’ve also seen/heard great things about moby wraps, but i don’t have one). if you have/find something else that works for you that’s great, but that’s the one thing i always recommend to new moms (great for colicky babies, snugglers, tired kids, and even jealous older sibs–at least the beco’s good for both ages).

    if you don’t already have a boppy or similar pillow, it’t not only great for nursing, but it’s great to put on the big sister’s lap so she can hold the baby without worry.

    for me though (i don’t actually have a boppy, but i love when my girls could hold my friend’s baby with it), it’s not so much about having the stuff ready, but having the support network ready, if you’ve got good friends thatt can take DB for you occasionally or who you aren’t embarrased to have help clean your kitchen when you’re tired, that’s the best thing!

    sorry, i get carried away with baby things 😀 and ps, you’re teeny!!! i love your little belly, you’re so tiny!

    • learnedhappiness August 28, 2011 at 10:16 pm #

      I hope i feel the same way about having two…at least after the first few months.

      Will have to look up the baby beco…I loved my moby wrap with DB and plan on using it again, but you never know what each kid will tolerate. Thanks!!! Have a boppy, too…somewhere. Hadn’t thought to use it to help DB hold the baby. Nice!

      I sure don’t feel tiny. I don’t think the picture conveys how hilariously big my belly is for 5 months. Such a big difference the second time around, huh?! I swear my belly button didn’t pop until week 30+ the first time. It’s been out for weeks, now.

      I say YES to anyone who wants to come clean my kitchen!!! Last time i wanted to be able to do it all myself. This time? I’m all about the support network. 🙂

  2. Jessica August 29, 2011 at 6:07 am #

    My bestie! 😉

  3. AddyB August 30, 2011 at 9:46 am #

    Two words: MOBY WRAP. Seriously. Saved the only 2 iotas of sanity I had during those first 4 mos of Alex’s life. I could carry him anywhere, get things like housework & grocery shopping done, or just hold him so he could sleep while I had to meet the needs & demands of the older kiddo (Like getting him dressed, feeding him, playing with him, helping him with things) It freed up my hands to be able to do so much while letting Alex just knock out…or just be cozy because he was so close to me.

    I’m so serious about how much it helped me, I’ll fed-ex mine to you….booklet included. Let me know.

    Also, my oldest was 3 when Alex arrived. Something I noticed was how independent he was & became during those first months that Alex was a newborn. I came to appreciate all he could do by himself, & how loving he was when he saw that I was stressed. Having a second one makes you see the first in a totally new light 🙂

    • learnedhappiness August 30, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

      You are so sweet! I actually have a Moby – loved it with E. Used it all the time. Good to know it will help with #2.

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