Humble Pie

20 Apr

When I gathered all of DB’s clothes and tossed them in the hamper, I prided myself on getting chores done so early in the morning.  When I added her sopping wet overnight diaper to the hamper to make carrying everything downstairs easier, I thought to myself, “Way to multitask!  Better remember to take this out and throw it in the trash.”  As I loaded the toddler clothes and the kitchen laundry into the washer, I felt oh-so-productive.

And now?  Now that the washer AND dryer AND all her clothes are covered in that super-absorbent gel from the inside of the diaper that never went into the trash?  Now I feel like an idiot.

And as all that laundry goes back into the washer for a second time, I’m wondering if I’ll have to rinse every single piece of it by hand.  That shit sticks to everything.

p.s. Does this count as my HAWMC free write?  =)

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